Automated water quality monitoring

and early warning system!

Have you ever felt that:

  • You worried how much of the fish that you planted at considerable expense and protected with care would die in the early hours of the hot summer days?
  • You face regular water quality or oxygen supply problems in some of your lake units? Significantly impairing production safety and reducing yield?
  • Your external experts often reach the end of their possibilities due to the absence of data? The situation and even the water are getting worse every year? Have you experienced that the measured water quality on the water is “okay”, but you still experience fish kills?
  • You would adapt to climate change, which is generating increasingly complex challenges?

Do you see what matters?

Do you know exactly what is going on under the water on a daily basis? Even in all weather conditions? And how many days in advance do you foresee if a mass fish kill is about to happen? Would you like higher yielding fish species in your waters? Maybe you tried, but they all died?

Would you find it useful to constantly know what is actually happening in the water, in its layers, and how it is affected by the increasingly extreme environmental influences or even by your own activities?

All of this could become immediately available with the WALISE automated water quality monitoring:

  1. You could see the layers of the entire water column of the lake from the bottom to the surface in real time! With a resolution of up to a centimeter!
  2. Prediction of underwater oxygen-deficient processes that cause fish death could become possible!
  3. Visibility of underwater effects caused by lake related events could also become possible! E.g. feeding, planting, dam opening, competition, wind, or even the effect of fertilizing a neighboring plough field, etc.
  4. Warns and alarms! After proper matching, you can even operate automatic intervention! E.g. switching on/off aerators, etc.
  5. It works independently, day and night without requiring human intervention!
  6. Its operation is simple! Automated, self-sustaining, and only “bothers” its owner if it needs help.


Nothing was visible on this water-body from outside, but the WALISE monitoring system still has foreseen 5 days ahead that a serious oxygen deficiency process leading to fish death had begun! It has foreseen it 5 days in advance!

At another location, in a completely unusual way, the level of dissolved oxygen in the deeper layers fell very low within 5 hours during the day and then suddenly recovered in the evening within 2 hours. The extreme swing and its timing were a surprise even to the lake managers. By evaluating the monitored data, the reasons was found and a new knowledge was created about the water body and its environment. With this knowledge it is now possible to anticipate such events and their risks in advance.

And what would YOUR waters show?

Integrate WALISE into your daily operations so that you can remain successful even in the midst of the challenges of the climate change!

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