How it works

It autonomously transforms the parameters of the environment and the living world into a real-time data stream – on the one hand, to enable preventive interventions in the early stages of negative processes, and on the other hand, to provide objective data for making sustainability decisions.

The WALISE system is the unity of the (A) monitoring units, the (B) monitoring service and the (C) expert services:

  1. Monitoring units: automatic and unsupervised monitoring is carried out in water, air, and soil, and the data is continuously reported to the central monitoring service.
  2. Monitoring service: a central monitoring and supervision service available online, which makes real-time data visible and assessable. It also shows the relationship of the actual data to its individually set critical levels and initiates warnings, alarms or even interventions.  Events can be registered and it provides the opportunity to explore correlations and trends.
  3. Expert services: with the involvement of experts in the field, the service provides assistance from the interpretation of data to more complex surveys requiring special measurements or the formulation of development proposals.

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Easy to use!

  • Autonomous, deploy-and-forget, low-maintenance monitoring devices,
  • It does not require on-site power supply,
  • No need to learn any new technology,
  • It has no geographical limitations – farmers can easily and uniformly manage up to an unlimited number of monitoring points on several lakes, in a large area (even across countries),
  • Outdoor, industrial quality, CE certified, can be installed in ship routes,
  • Constantly available support center and service.


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